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The Philippine Resale Market of Today

Nov 5, 2017 0 comment(s)

For most, the local resale market, known as “buy & sell,” was pioneered by was There were others, and other means, but Sulit was the one that caught the public by convenience. The new outlet of the internet gave buyers and sellers the ease to find each other across the country.

Convenience is king, and with it, Sulit gained enough momentum to be bought up by OLX. By then, the trend of digital classified ads began to take shape, and dozens of new names began to surface, all vying to provide people access to this emerging market.

At some point everyone has consumer goods and products that they no longer have use for. Most often these would be gadgets and appliances- products that still functioned properly, but were no longer desirable for a number of reasons.

These products still held value, and people felt they could make the most of their product by reselling it to others who could make better use of that value. This second-hand market made up the bulk of the early buy & sell websites; everyday people looking for an alternative to simply letting these products go to waste.

Today, you can find advertisements for retailers, services, real estate, among so much more. If there’s a buyer, and a supplier, there’s most likely an online advertisement for it. The market is as relevant today as it was in during its inception, and it has grown with the needs of the people who use it.

You can still find the familiar names like OLX, AyosDito, and the new Sulit Philippines, and they still stand tall in their relevance. However many new contenders have stepped up to provide the people with things that the giants have fallen short on over the years.

Contenders such as Shopinas and IkawNa focus on better layouts and functions to give users the ease they need to conduct their business. Security and wider transaction options are also emphasized in order to keep the market up to the changing times.

Whatever the product, and whatever the sale, the most important thing will always be the people on both ends of the transactions. The ability to best cater to these people is the determining factor of change that will keep these online classifieds relevant to the Philippine market.

The online market continues to grow more complex, and the people will always seek out the ease and convenience. Some will last, and others will be replaced, but ultimately it will be the ones who can consistently adapt and deliver these to the people that win the opportunity to serve them.

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