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Compost Tea Brewer

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  • 20 Liters Vermi Compost Tea (VCT) Brewer System
  • If you don’t have enough source of organic fertilizer maybe you may consider our new VCT Brewer, its unique design which infuses oxygen into the tea as it is pushed up a water column (pipe) to the top of the brewer and then splashed back down on to the surface of the water creating a small vortex. This allows for optimal gas exchange, raising dissolved oxygen levels much higher using a powerful pump. The system will stimulate the beneficial aerobic microbes to go crazy and multiply rapidly. Guaranteed no Dead Zones during the whole brewing process.
  • The circulating action, the force of impact with the water’s surface along with the air from diffusers provides sufficient agitation to break the microbes loose from their binding spots in the compost. The continuous flow provides a more homogeneous dispersal of oxygen and microbes, avoiding still water areas where potential undesired microbial life may develop. Once free swimming or bound to smaller particles, the bacteria, archaea, yeast cells and fungal hyphae graze on the feed supplied and multiply or grow.
  • Maintaining a reasonably high rate of dissolved oxygen in the body of water is essential to the device’s efficiency for extracting and multiplying the beneficial aerobic microbes. Because of the constant cycling, microbes are fairly evenly distributed throughout the tank.
  • The whole PVC pipe assembly is extremely easy to set up, take apart, and clean. It can be shipped with or without a pail. The powerful pump is guaranteed for a year and will last for many brewing process.
  • Features:
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble and clean
  • With powerful air pump enough to produce high dissolved oxygen for microbes to multiply raridly
  • 24 to 36 hours brewing time
  • Economical only 2 cups or 250 grams Vermicast/compost + 100 ml molasses + 5 ml liquid seaweeds + 5 ml fish hydrolysate 
  • For details pls contact 09283988931


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