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Solia Phils located in the Philippines imports and distributes various products for the food industry. Currently Soliaphils offers Solia products whose products include a wide variety of high-end food packaging and disposable tableware solutions with unique designs for catering, hotel buffets, retail food service, wholesale packaging and more.

TIN CAN BLACK 110 ML TRAY SLATE BLACK 293X137 PAR 10 C&C (matches w/ lid  PS36539) QUARTZ PLATE 160 MM TRANSPARENT GREEN ( matches with lid PS305) DOUBLE WALL CUP 100 ML VARNISHED BAMBOO SPOON 190 MM STEMMED GLASS 200 ML FLUTE ELEGANCE EDGAR WALL 7 CM SILVER METALLIZED VENEZIA SPOON MINI CHAMPAGNE GLASS RONDO GLASS LID FOR DIAMANT TRAY 300X200 MM (PS51080) STRIPED RAMEKIN SUGAR CANE PULP BOL MING PULPE DE CANNE 700 ML (matches w/ VF422309 SUPPORT 6 SPH'AIR FOR SLATE TRAY 293X137X11MM (matches with lid) SQUARE PLATE 75*75 WHITE COOKING POT 300 ML COOKING TRANSPARENT POT 650 ML DIAMANT TRAY 300X200MM TRANSPARENT GREEN PAR 10 CASH & CARRY IMAGINE TRAY 390*290 MM SUGAR CANE PULP ODYSSEE TRANSPARENT CHAMPAGNE GLASS 10CL (matches with tray) LID FOR QUARTZ PLATE 90*90 MM DIAMANT PLATE 112MM TRANSPARENT GREEN (matches with PS305) ODYSSEE TRANSPARENT TRAY 285X285MM FOR 16 CHAMPAGNE GLASS TIN CAN TRANSPARENT 220 ML SUPPORT 6 SPH'AIR FOR SLATE TRAY 293X137X11MM (matches with lid) DISC TRANSPARENT 80 MM DIAMETER EMERAUDE TRANSPARENT MINI DISH CHAMPAGNE CORL 60 ML (PS52910) KILNER JAR SQUARE 60 ML KILNER JAR SQUARE 110 ML TIN CA SILVER 110 ML    Golf Skewer 15cm per 200 (matches with VO12930) Golf Skewer 9 cm PVC box 200 un (matches with VO12930) Ribbon Skewer 15 cm Kawai 64 White Kawai 64 Black Salad Bowl 2500 ml sugar cane pulp Five section Pulp tray (matches with VF50159 Plate Fluid 200*200 mm sugar cane pulp Tulip Bowl 70 ml sugar cane pulp Bamboo Fork Skewer Bol Ming pulpe de canne 700 ml (matches with VF42309) Plate Fluid 160*160 mm pulp of cane Manta Cocktail Plate 140*140 mm silver Plate Fluid 110*110 mm pulp of cane Salad Bowl 1400 ml cane pulp Full kit Gala tranparent green Silver Metallized Goutte Spoon Truncated Tube Transparent Monoportion Emerald + lid per 100 New Leaf Shape plate Quartz plate transparent green 90x90mm (matches with lid PS3 Barquette bois paneton 75*35*25 mm Barquette bois rectangle avec papier cuisson 100*45*30 mm Mini dome transparent top + bottom Lid for Quartz plate 160x160mm (PS30540) Lid for Diamant plate 112x112mm (PS30410) Goutte Spoon Black Emeraude transparent Trio Plate Transparent Green Large Truncated tube 160 ml transparent Square Plate 75*75 black Square Plate 75*75 transparent Cube transparent Chef's Hat 80 ml Large Cube 160 ml transparent 55x55x55mm ( matches with li EDGAR Ball Chair Transparent D70 mm Sachet 4/1 couverts bois Tear Drop 115 ml Sph'air transparent 130 ml Cutlery set 4/1 excellence   Baroque Spoon Silve Ellipse Glass 2 Compartments transparent Lid for Five section pulp tray (VF50150) Five section Pulp tray (matches with VF50159) Varnished bamboo knife 190 mm Mini Dish "Ear" transparent EDGAR Ball Chair White D70 mm
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