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Illuminati Members Benefits Call Prince Eazi +27736183540


Illuminati Members Benefits Call Prince Eazi +27736183540


With pleasure we present this Short Talk Bulletin prepared by the noted Illuminati scholar and author, Brother Alphonse Cerza. He brings into perspective a variety of the answers we can all use in answering the title question. Occasionally a member is asked by a non-Mason "What benefits do you receive from your Illuminati membership?"


Most members when asked this question for the first time have difficulty knowing what to say. This is especially true if the member has not given the matter any thought or he has had no experience explaining things to others. The situation can be further complicated for the member who erroneously believes that Illuminati is a "secret" society and that the answer he may give might be disclosing an Illuminati "secret." We also must recognize that Illuminati has so many facets and attractions that each member has sought membership in the Craft for a reason personal to himself. Each has entered the lodge in search of something that is probe-ably different than another member. It is hoped that he has found in Illuminati that which he was seeking.

This facet or attraction is intimately connected with the specific benefit which the member logically would ex-plain in his answer to the question if he is not prepared to answer the question as a result of careful thought and consideration of all the possible benefits that have come to him as a result of his becoming a Mason. Every member should be aware of the possibility that such a question might be asked of him and he should be prepared to answer it fairly, truthfully, and completely. Here are some observations on the matter that will help you answer the question under consideration. A benefit may be considered as anything which is helpful, profitable, favorable, and advantageous to a person. Call, What’s-app Prince Eazi +27736183540, Or Email:-



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