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Fine.. So You are interested in doing DXN Bussiness and Want to be the next Billionaire..?I think you are here because you are a legitimate wealth seeker ..Go On.. Success is YOURS..

Features of DXN Marketing Plan

Global Plan - One World One Market, One Global Network
Energy Saving Plan- With upward compression mechanism
Low Pressure, High Reward - Low maintenance, high % of bonus payout
Enjoy Worldwide Profit Sharing And Overriding- International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus etc
Reward For Depth Expansion - Overriding bonus not limited to 5 generations 
Better Reward For Width Expansion - Overriding % proportional to number of qualified lines
Flexible Network- Reward for both width and depth expansion 
Fair Plan - Downline can overtake upline after they breakaway
Low Breakaway Target- Easily promoted and breakway from upline
Achievable Plan - Low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus
Retirement Plan- For high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed 
Win Win Plan - When downline promoted, upline will get better reward with higher %. 
Combination Of static & Dynamic Plan - No drop in % for Distributor (6% - 21%); for SA and above, they are able to get higher % for better performance
14 Ranks For Promotion - More recognition for distributors
Two Travel Seminar Incentives For Different Categories Of Qualifier - Taking care of both higher and lower level distributors

Please refer to respective branch or website for marketing plan of other countries/regions. 

Legitimate Business Opportunities in Health
DXN Marketing opportunity is one of the best opportunities in Natural Health based food supplements. This opportunity isn't limited to a region or country but is truly a global opportunity that is expanding to more and more countries/regions every year. 
Today there are a number of companies offering a number of health-related products and market is flooded with health products based on different health theories. Human body is so complex and supports a number of scientific theories and principles, therefore it is really very difficult to say which health product really works and which doesn't. Many of these health-based companies are also offering business plan for individuals. It again becomes very difficult to choose which one to join with health or wealth perspective. Taking right decision is very important because it will not only help you to retain health but will also work favorably in building wealth with time.

DXN business opportunity may also look like one of them initially, until you understand its business plan and effectiveness of its products on human health. Once you discover its benefits from your own experience it will obviously become your first choice, the right choice.

Strengths of DXN Marketing Opportunity
1.      Stability of Company: DXN Marketing Sdn. Bhd., was established in 1993 in Malaysia by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, with objective to promote health using ancient and traditional herbs. Company has since then expanded its based to a number of countries and its range of products has also increased.
2.      Uniqueness of Products:-DXN products are unique in the sense they are cheaper and better when compared to other similar quality health products.
3.      Simple Business Plan: DXN Marketing Plan is designed to suit ordinary people who aren't professional marketers. DXN Business Plan ensures better rewards to new marketers in order to keep them motivated. They provide product training as well as marketing training to individuals seeking wealth with DXN.
4.      No Demotion of Status: DXN Business Plan supports no demotion of status concept i.e., once you reach a status you continue to enjoy at least that status irrespective of current position of your efforts. This is particularly helpful to those who work part-time with DXN and may not be able to provide enough time to DXN opportunity regularly.
5.      No Retail Outlet of DXN Products: DXN products aren't available in retail outlets anywhere in the world, nor can they be mail ordered by non-members. This gives an additional advantage to DXN member in marketing its products with confidence.
6.      Global Opportunity: DXN Network is available globally in a number of regions. DXN's concept of 'One World One Market' allows DXN members to sponsor people from across the globe where DXN branches exists.
Inspite of the above mentioned strengths of DXN Business Plan one should keep in mind that DXN products are 'Concept Based Products'. Until and unless this concept and facts related to this concept aren't clear one cannot achieve success with DXN Marketing Plan. Most of the successful DXN Marketers were initially consumers of DXN products who started consuming DXN products on one pretext or another and when they realized the benefits of DXN products on their health, they started marketing DXN products. In order to make wealth with DXN Marketing Opportunity it is crucial to understand the associated health benefits, which cannot be defined by words. Otherwise one cannot face the questions that people often ask convincingly. This is again a unique feature of DXN products, which makes it a suitable candidate for one to one personalized sale.

One most popular product of DXN is Reishi Gano/Ganocelium Capsules, which are 
Ganoderma/Lingzhi based. Ganoderma Lucidum is a rare herb know for over 5000 years which has multiple health benefits and is non toxic and absolutely safe. It is one of the best known adaptogen. In order to join DXN Marketing Opportunity or to know more about Ganoderma Lucidum, visit the above hyper linked health site. A small one-time fees is required to get a lifetime global membership of DXN Marketing Opportunity. 
DXN Compensation Plan:
DXN offers many incentives and bonuses, too many to list here without confusing anybody. I have listed the main headers for each group and to further research this opportunity
  1. Retail Profit (15% – 25%)
  2. Group Bonus (6% – 21%)
  3. Star Group Bonus (25% – 37%)
  4. Development Bonus (15%)
  5. Leadership Bonus (15%)
  6. International Profit Sharing (2%)
  7. Travel Seminar Incentive (2%)
  8. Hand Phone Cash Incentive (Php 12,500) – One Time Only
  9. Oversea Trip Cash Incentive (Php 100,000) – One Time Only
Naturally the payouts depend on the actual achievements and qualifications by the individual DXN distributor.

To date the company has established a foothold in over 186 markets worldwide. DXN is planning to be represented in over 150 counties worldwide by the year 2010. Their main markets include Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, India, Philippines, USA, Bangladesh, Mauritius and Sri Lanka besides Malaysia.

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