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Nimetazepam & Erimin 5


Nimetazepam (marketed under brand name Erimin) is an intermediate-acting 
hypnotic drug which is a benzodiazepine derivative. It was first 
synthesized by a team at Hoffmann-La Roche in 1962. It possesses hypnotic, 
anxiolytic, sedative, and skeletal muscle relaxant properties. Nimetazepam 
is also an anticonvulsant. It is sold in 5 mg tablets known as Erimin. It 
is generally prescribed for the short-term treatment of severe insomnia in 
patients who have difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep. Taken 
orally, nimetazepam has very good bioavailability with nearly 100% being 
absorbed from the gut. It is among the most rapidly absorbed and quickest 
acting oral benzodiazepines, and hypnotic effects are typically felt within 
15–30 minutes after oral ingestion. The blood level decline of the parent 
drug was biphasic with the short half-life ranging from 0. 5-0. 7 hours and 
the terminal half-life from 8–26. 5 hours (mean 17. 25 hours). It is the N-
methylated analogue of nitrazepam (Mogadon, Alodorm), to which it is 
partially metabolised. Nitrazepam has a long elimination half-life, so 
effects of repeated dosage tend to be cumulative.



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