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Humivet is dietary supplement contain chelated essential minerals, trace elements and amino acid, the function of Humivet is to supply the lack of animal nutrition.

Humic substances have been shown to enhance pet immune systems and improve skin and coat through increased nutrient absorption and detoxification from heavy metals, toxins and pesticides commonly found in pet food and all around.
Enhance Immune System
Improve Coat and Skin
Help Increase Nutrient Absorption
Eliminate Heavy Metals and Pesticides
Smart producers of organic pet foods and supplements are recognizing the benefit of humic & fulvic acid; however, typically the dosage used is not enough to make a difference.
By giving your pet a daily dose of BioAg's Lithicin you can help your friend maintain a long and healthy life. Great for pets of any age!
Possible Ergotropic effects-- Humic acids stabilize the intestinal flora and in this way a possible higher feed efficiency can be achieved. Investigations show 4-10% higher weight gain in pigs when humic preparations are applied compared to a control group.
Potential for covering mucous epithelic-- Humic acids are shown to form a protective film on the mucous epithelia of the gastro-intestinal tract. Research suggests that this effect may have benefits against infections and toxins. Humic acids have also shown to help prevent excessive loss of water via the intestine.
Antibacterial and viracidal effects-- Research suggests that Humic acids catalyze carbohydrate and potein metabolism of bacteria and virus particles, thereby causing damage to the organisms. Research shows that humic acids have a significant devastating influence on several bacteria (E. Coli, Salm. typh, Salm Cholera Suis, Staph. Aureus SG 511 etc) and viruses (Herpes Simplex-type 1, Adenovirus 2, Echoviruses and Rotavirus). A secondary effect exists in binding of toxins from infectious microbes. Detoxifying effect can dramatically decrease or even be blocked.
Inflammation reducing effects—Inflammation reducing effects may be noticed during dermal, oral and subcutaneous administration of humic preparations. Flavonoid structure elements in the humic acids are suggested to be responsible for this.

Antiresorptive and adsorptive effects—Humic acids are highly adsorptive, and may influence diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract very effectively. According to research, humic acids have the potential to bind E-coli bacteria and their endotoxins followed by fecal excretion. Adsorption of heavy metals, nitrates, fluoride, organophosphates, chloride-organic insecticides, Carbonyl and Warfarin are suggested in peer reviewed scientific literature.



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